the scent of summer blanketed in the night
● July 4th, 2025 ⇒ 11:02PM ● - Closed!


Hi! My name is Nami, and this is my (formerly updated) Livejournal. Since starting college in 2007, I've lost the interest to chronicle my adventures (or lack thereof, at times) here and, as of June 2009, have decided to close this blog, update-wise.

This entry itself used to be a "Friends Only/comment to be added" post, and as such those comments are now screened. My other entries will remain friends-locked. However, I still use this journal to comment at communities, and very rarely, personal journals. Old/new friends--if you need to contact me, please send me an LJ message.

Have a great day,
ღ, nami

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